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Smart LED Tail Lights

Wireframe SafeLight flashing LED brake lights are the most advanced and safe tail lights available and the easiest to install. SafeLight brake lights determine emergency and panic braking situations and flash the LED brake lights to alert following drivers of the situation. The NHTSA determined that rear end collision avoidance systems can prevent 80.7% of rear end collisions and reduce the severity of collisions by 96.5%. SafeLight gets the attention of distracted drivers - texters, eaters, phone users, etc. - to prevent them from crashing into you. Even when you're not at fault, rear end collisions cost you.

SafeLight uses an array of LEDs, which are brighter and quicker to respond than traditional brake lights. An accelerometer and microprocessor are built in to determine panic braking and automatically flash the LEDs quickly to alert following drivers. Blinking LEDs are shown to shorten the reaction time of following drivers by up to 0.2 seconds, equating to 20 feet at 70 mph. Unlike flashing LED tail lights that blink any time brakes are applied, SafeLight only activates when you brake hard, preventing following drivers from becoming accustomed to the flashing and ignoring the warning.

The inability to determine the closing rate on vehicles in front of us is a natural human weakness. Flashing LED brake lights during panic or emergency braking provide stimuli to supplement this weakness in human perception. 60% of rear end collisions are caused by distracted drivers. Our adaptive flashing LED brake lights help eliminate those accidents by providing different stimuli under emergency or panic braking situations. When split seconds count, intelligent flashing LED brake lights increase all round safety and protect your time, money, and health.


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