Intelligent Flashing LED Brake Lights

SafeLight adaptive flashing LED brake lights provide increased safety and enhance the image of your classic car, custom ride, or performance vehicle. SafeLight replaces existing brake light bulbs and requires no modification to your car. Cutting edge technologies include an LED array, an accelerometer to detect emergency braking, and a microprocessor to control the tail lights.


Increased Classic Car Safety

Your car is an extension of you. The biggest threat to your car and your safety is rear end collisions. SafeLight can prevent 80.7% of rear end collisions and reduce severity of collisions by 96.5%. SafeLight flashing LED tail lights shorten the reaction time of following drivers by 0.2 seconds, decreasing braking distance by 20 feet at 70 mph. SafeLight blinking LED brake lights only flash in emergency situations – when deceleration is 0.3 g’s or greater – so other drivers don’t become accustomed to the flashing and ignore the blinking when it really matters. SafeLight helps control the biggest thing you can’t: other drivers. Protect you and your performance, custom, or classic car with SafeLight.


Unique Look & Safety Without Modification

LED brake lights are attractive and popular. SafeLight provides this look and added safety without modification to your vehicle, which is extremely important to many classic car owners. SafeLight tail lights are a direct replacement for standard brake light bulbs. Installation is exactly the same as replacing a burnt-out bulb. Of course, under hard braking SafeLight blinks the LEDs rapidly to increase safety.


SafeLight Adaptive Brake Light Benefits

  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee – if it stops working, we’ll replace it
  • Last 20 times longer than conventional brake lights
  • Can decrease severity of collisions by 96.5%
  • Can prevent 80.7% of rear end collisions
  • Helps control what you can’t: other drivers
  • Installation takes just 5-10 minutes


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