Commercial Vehicle Accident Expenses

Motor vehicle accidents cost employers $60 Billion per year in medical expenses, legal fees, lost productivity, and property damage. Rear end collisions account for 38% of accident claims (in dollars) and cost over $16,500 per car incident and over $91,000 per truck incident. Even when not at fault, preventing collisions saves commercial vehicle fleets time and money. SafeLight flashing LED brake lights can prevent rear end collisions and save your company time and money.


Accident Reduction &
Cost Savings With Flashing LED Brake Lights

Rear end collision avoidance systems can prevent 80.7% of rear end accidents and reduce the severity of collisions by 96.5%. Whether self-insured or not, preventing rear end collisions involving your fleet vehicles provides a high ROI by preventing lost productivity, injured workers, lawsuits, and court costs. Combined, SafeLight could save over 90% of rear end accident expenses for a small, one time investment per vehicle.


SafeLight Saves Your Company Money

SafeLight is an intelligent flashing LED brake light. It replaces the existing brake light, takes just 5 minutes to install, and requires no modification to your vehicles. SafeLight has a 100% lifetime warranty – it will not burn out or stop working. The LEDs in SafeLight are brighter than conventional bulbs and last up to 20 times as long. Under emergency braking situations the LEDs flash to alert other drivers of the situation. Studies show this shortens reaction time by 0.2 seconds and prevents collisions. SafeLight is a valuable one-time investment that saves your company money by reducing rear end collisions.


Validated Technology

Similar adaptive LED brake light technologies are used throughout the world to prevent accidents and reduce expenses. BMW, Mercedes, and Toyota offer intelligent LED tail lights on high end vehicles and some fleet vehicles in Europe, Asia, and North America. SafeLight is patented and uses reliable, cutting edge technology with a 100% lifetime warranty. Ask us how SafeLight can save your business money by reducing accident costs, legal fees, lost productivity, and more. 


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