How SafeLight Protects You

  • LEDs are brighter than conventional brake lights, increasing your visibility
  • Brake Lights flash rapidly during emergency braking to alert other drivers
  • Blinking LEDs get the attention of distracted drivers
  • Reaction time of following drivers is shortened by 1/3
  • Other drivers are alerted of emergency braking situations, so they brake harder and earlier

Accident Facts

  • Over 2 Million rear end collisions occur each year in the US
  • Rear end collisions cause over 700,000 injuries each year in the US
  • Accidents cost the US economy $230 Billion each year
  • 60% of accidents are caused by a driver not paying attention
  • Rear end collisions cost an average of $16,500 in repair, medical, legal, and lost productivity expenses
  • Collisions cost US employers $60 Billion each year

Impact of US Rear End Collision Avoidance Systems Like SafeLight

  • Flashing LED brake lights can shorten driver reaction time by 0.2 seconds, from 0.6 to 0.4 seconds
  • At 70 mph, 0.2 seconds equates to 20 extra feet of braking distance 
  • Rear end collision avoidance systems, like SafeLight, can prevent 80.7% of rear end collisions
  • These systems can reduce the severity of accidents that still occur by 96.5%
  • In the 1980s, San Francisco taxis used a flashing brake light in the rear window, which dramatically reduced rear end collisions and led to the development of the third brake light


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