Flashing LED Brake Lights For Motorcycles

SafeLight is an intelligent flashing LED brake light for your motorcycle. Each brake light uses an LED array with an accelerometer and a microchip to notify following drivers of emergency braking situations. MotorcyclesInstallation is extremely simple: SafeLight replaces the standard brake light bulb on your motorcycle and requires no modification to your bike. SafeLight increases motorcycle visibility and safety with cutting edge technology and provides a unique, attractive look for your motorcycle.


Increased Motorcycle Visibility

Visibility is the biggest issue in motorcycles safety. The LED array in SafeLight adaptive brake lights is brighter and responds faster than conventional tail light bulbs so you are more visible, day or night. During emergency braking situations of 0.3 g’s or more, the LEDs flash to alert distracted drivers and shorten their reaction time up to 0.2 seconds.


Motorcycle Safety With Flashing LED Brake Lights

SafeLight greatly increases motorcycle safety. In emergency braking it provides additional stimuli to alert following drivers of the situation. Under normal braking the LEDs shine solid red so drivers don’t become conditioned to the flashing and ignore the warning during real danger. LED brake lights that always flash are much less effective, as drivers become accustomed to the flashing and ignore it as an emergency warning. 


Benefits of intelligent flashing LED brake lights include:

  • Help prevent 80.7% of rear end collisions
  • Reduce the severity of collisions by 96.5%
  • Only activates under emergency braking conditions
  • Installation is as simple as replacing a bulb


Unique Look

Upgrade the look of your motorcycle while increasing safety with SafeLight. Blinking LED brake lights are a popular visual enhancement to motorcycles and are also functional.


How SafeLight Works

SafeLight uses patented cutting edge technology. A bright LED array shines solid under normal braking. When emergency braking occurs, an accelerometer and microchip determine the deceleration of the motorcycle and flash the brake light brightly 13 times per second to get the attention of following vehicles. Flashing LEDs can shorten the reaction time of following vehicles by 0.2 seconds, equating to 20 feet of braking distance at 70 mph. Under normal braking the LEDs shine solid.


Installation of SafeLight Flashing LED Brake Lights

Installing SafeLight flashing LED tail lights is easy. Unlike other blinking light systems, no modification to your motorcycle or its electrical system is required. SafeLight replaces standard light bulbs. Installation is this simple: 

  • Remove the brake light cover
  • Replace the brake light bulb with SafeLight
  • Replace the brake light cover


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