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Over 60% of auto accidents are caused by distracted drivers and 700,000 people are injured in rear end collisions each year. Unfortunately, the most dangerous part of driving is the thing you have the least control over: other drivers. Let SafeLight help control what you can’t. Our intelligent brake lights alert drivers of panic braking situations by flashing bright LED brake lights. This can prevent 80.7% of rear end collisions and reduce the severity of collisions by 96.5%. Protect what’s yours – you time, your money, and your health – by preventing inattentive drivers from smashing into you.


SafeLight Protects You

Accidents cost you dearly, even when you aren’t at fault. Even a minor accident is a hassle, stealing valuable time. Under or uninsured motorists can directly cost you money. Even worse, a wreck can take away irreplaceable things: your health and the health of your ‘precious cargo’ riding in the back seat. SafeLight flashing LED tail lights compensate for the lack of attention shown by distracted drivers to protect your family, property, and time.


What Are SafeLight LED Brake Lights?

SafeLight is a flashing LED brake light replacement for conventional brake lights in your car. The bright brake lights only flash during panic braking, alerting drivers and getting attention. Installation takes 5-10 minutes and requires no modification to your automobile. The tail lights have LED lights that are brighter than standard lights, making your car more visible and they will last as long as your car. SafeLight uses a computer chip to determine emergency braking situations and flashes the brake lights to alert other drivers. SafeLight uses cutting edge technology to prevent collisions and protect what’s important to you.


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